A Newsletter Writer’s Guide for the Monsters, Seers and Immortal Beings of Ancient Greece.

Know how to grow your audience

To grow your audience, you need to find the perfect balance between content that is specific, but will still appeal to a larger target group.

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Find your niche

No matter how many monsters, seers and immortal creatures are out there writing columns, articles and newsletters, your story is still uniquely yours!

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Surprise your readers

Sure, everyone knows Perseus was a great hero who saved the beautiful Andromeda from being devoured by an evil sea monster, blah, blah, blah. But would you feel that way if you were one of the immortal Gorgon sisters?

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Be honest with yourself and regroup when necessary

When you work really, really hard on a painstakingly researched newsletter on the disaster you’ve foreseen for the tender-footed pygmy grass mouse of Patagonia–extinction looms!–and no one subscribes, it may be tempting to go all Cassandra and say to yourself, “I speak the truth and yet people refuse to listen, as usual!”

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