Wear a Freaking Mask

Look, I get it. Wearing a face mask isn’t very comfortable, especially now that we’ve hit summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Feeling your own hot breath condensing on your skin and having an extra piece of cloth anywhere? Not fun.

Still, seeing people without masks on in enclosed places is, well, shocking to say the least. In Berlin right now, masks are required if you want to go into a shop or ride public transportation. You don’t need to wear a mask in a restaurant, but your server does (although sometimes they don’t).

Starting from June 27, you can be fined 50 to 500 euros for refusing to wear a mask in the U-Bahn and city buses. This was introduced because more and more people were getting into the train without one although it has been mandatory to wear a face covering since April. This past weekend, a 28-year-old man was arrested on the U-8 at Alexanderplatz for refusing to comply–the very station I was at today with my daughters to buy a longboard and a new bathing suit for the summer vacation we’ve managed to piece together.

Did we see people on the train not wearing masks? You bet.

Not very many, but still enough.

Again, I get it. No, I take that back. I don’t.

Right now, masks aren’t a matter of choice, they aren’t there to impinge on your freedom and requiring people to wear them is most certainly not unconstitutional (seriously people?).

Mandatory masks are one small-but-very-important annoyance that help keep us all safe in these insanely trying times.

So, no matter where you are in the world–unless it’s your own private island–for god’s sake freaking wear one.



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